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Working on the Forex market does not require any special economic knowledge. However, learning this type of activity is required clause for successful long-term trade.
The method presented in this website will be useful for beginners, trained in several suspicious companies and traders, who had already let fall some amount of money, but haven`t lost their faith in the fact that one can work successfully on the Forex market, as well as traders who become professionals in the stock and Forex trading and tested all the work conditions themselves.
Many people who start work on the Forex market (Forex) faced with a situation when a large but unprofitable position negates all profitable positions. We are nervous, make mistakes and as a result have a minus increase.
All these steps I have already passed before met a man who works on Forex market for 15 years.

He can enter on the Forex 200 times and all these 200 times gives a profit. We were seating and watching while he worked, looking printouts of his trade-results. It was amazing for us. Here on this web-site I want to share a technique that I learned from him.
Of course, hard work is required, but if you read up the material from the beginning till end, having worked every step "till automatism", I guarantee that your knowledge and idea about Forex market (Forex) will change. The technique includes theoretical and practical aspects, as well as time-tested strategies (or tactics).
The theory will help us determine the most successful entry-moment into the market, and strategy will reduce the possible losses to the "ridiculous figure." This practice is verified over the years. There will be nothing superfluous, no "water", but only those points that will allow us to do our job the most efficient and profitable on the Forex market. The work process needs to be started on a demo-account, and only after sustainable results would have been achieved, and every step would have been done – one would be able to work on a real account. And do not think that if you are not succeeding with the demo-account, there might happen another thing with the real one. As our teacher told us «All that you're trying to invent had already been checked myself 10 years ago, and not accepted for giving no profit». Follow the procedure. Failure to comply with the conditions of hedging on the Forex market, a pullback from the method is leading to the result, which 99% of new traders are facing with, - the loss of money. So, as you understand, we should follow right direction. Our goal is having a stable source of income through Forex market, and does not depend on the place of residence, employer, economic crisis, etc. One can go deep into the nuances of Forex indefinitely. So, I will concentrate on the essentials in a technique, and describe them as a step by step instruction. All details that might help the work I will write in separate articles that reveal the essence of a phenomenon of the Forex market work.
Step 1 of Forex strategy - software on the Forex market
Software on the Forex market, account, brokers, metatrader
Step 2 - basic concepts of Forex market
Basic concepts of Forex market: quotes, currency pairs, item, lot, spread
Step 3 - types of transactions, trend, bulls, bears
Types of transactions, trend, bulls, bears
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